Thursday, July 10, 2014

Merry Ex-Mas- Sheila Roberts

I won this book from a First Reads Goodreads Giveaway. This is the first book I've read by this author. This book was about a group of friends and their "exes." Cass finds out that her daughter is engaged and getting married in the matter of weeks on Christmas. Throughout this whole time, I felt like the daughter was such a brat and completely different than the mother painted her. I'm sorry but if you are responsible, it's not just going to go out the window when you plan a wedding. She was so bratty about things that I was getting annoyed. Another thing that bothered me was that the divorce between El and Jake was all because of her misguided jealousy. Seriously? You get a divorce and don't even ask him his side of the story?? Then after meeting the person, it's all okay and you realize how wrong you were. If it were me, I'd be a little more upset that I wasted so much time being divorced when she could have avoided it all by just asking one question: What happened Jake? Those were the biggest things that I didn't like about this book. I would read more from this author in the future.

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