Thursday, July 10, 2014

Blossom Street Brides- Debbie Macomber

I won this book from a First Reads, Good Reads, Giveaway. The only other book that I have read by Macomber, is The Inn at Rose Harbor, which I did not like. I liked this book a little better because of all the different story lines. If I had to just read about Lauren and Rooster, I would have given this 1 star. Their story, was absolutely my least favorite. Maybe, it's because I just don't believe that you meet a person, hang out with them for one weekend, and then you are instantly in love. I'm sorry, but how can you love someone, when you don't even know the person? Then she acts so dramatic when she finds out that he used to be married. I mean, you have known him for a few weeks, married him, and now are realizing how you don't know him? Anyways, I think that my favorite story in this book was Lydia & Casey. I loved how the poor girl was going through a lot and how they would do anything to help her. I also really liked that Casey was so good to her grandmother. Adoption is hard and it showed how good it can be too.
Anyways, I just liked this book. I don't know that I'll be reading another by this author. I think there was just too many cheesy, unrealistic aspects. I know that sometimes you read to get away from "real life" but this was just too out there. If I roll my eyes, then it's way too much. I thought since I liked this better than the last DM novel, I would be generous and give it 3 stars. It is definitely a quick read, I think it took me about 4 hours from start to finish.

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