Wednesday, July 16, 2014

To All the Boys I've Loved Before- Jenny Han

 This book was all over goodreads and had a pretty good rating. It looked cute and sounded interesting so I thought, why not? I really is cute. There were some things about this that really bugged me. I'll get to that.
It's a story about a family of 3 sisters and their father coming together after their mother had passed. They are a little unit and are there for each other. The eldest sister is leaving for college and just broke up with her boyfriend, who is a family friend. Lara Jean is the middle sister who now has all the responsibilities. Her younger sister and her get into a fight that cause Kitty to send some very personal letters. Lara Jean always wrote a "goodbye" letter after she was over a boy. Well, she never meant to actually send them and kept them in a hatbox. Her sister finds them and sends them out. Most of them are several years old, so you can image what they boys think when they receive them. So confusing, right?
 Unfortunately, one of them is to Josh, who was just dumped by Margot (Lara's sister). They were friends before and Lara really crushed on him. Turns out that he did have a crush on her too. So it turns into this whole scenario where she is trying to convince him she has moved on. She ends up just faking a relationship with another boy, Peter. He also had received a letter because he was her first kiss.
Anyways, first, how in the world can someone who is in love with another person just turn it off? Lara Jean, claims that she felt nothing for him the 2 years he was dating Margot. I don't know that I believe that. Then when she dumps him, all the sudden her feelings are back. Worst of all, is how confusing Josh is. He gets the letter and forgets that he's miserable and wants Lara Jean? The whole book, I had to remind myself that this was a Junior in high school. I felt like she was 12 year old girl, maturity wise. I honestly felt that her younger sister was more mature. She was really so naïve. I understand that they didn't go out much and it was always sister time but really? Also... I can't believe there is a second book. What could possibly happen that would warrant another whole book? I thought everything was pretty much resolved but I guess not.
I did really like Kitty. She was the  youngest sister and so funny. I had some laugh out loud moments. I think that when she always tells Lara Jean she's more of a baby than her, it's pretty much true.
Like I said, it was cute.  It is definitely a book for a younger audience. I will probably read the second book just because I need to know what happens!

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